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How to Receive Holy Communion

June 17, 2024

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When you receive Communion, you receive Heaven! So it’s worth understanding how to properly receive Holy Communion. In this video, Fr. Dave Tomaszycki explains what is necessary to receive and how to actually receive when you are in Mass.


Is there a right way and a wrong way to receive Holy Communion? How do I receive Communion the right way? First, we must be Catholic and in accord with everything Holy Mother Church teaches. If we are not in communion with the Church, we should not be receiving Communion. Next, we need to be in the state of grace. After that, there are two right ways to receive Holy Communion. The simplest, easiest, and safest is on the tongue. Step up to the priest, respond “Amen,” slightly tilt your head back, open your mouth, stick out your tongue. It helps to keep it flat; make a landing pad for Our Lord. Don’t move. Once the priest places Our Lord on your tongue, consume Our Lord and head back to your pew. Your other option is to receive in the hand. Step up to the priest, respond “Amen,” extend your hands and make a throne to receive the King. If you are right-handed, put your right hand on the bottom and your left hand on top. Once the priest places Our Lord in the palm of your hand, consume Our Lord immediately. Never walk away with Our Lord. Bring your right hand out, pick up the Host, consume, check your hands for particles and consume any that remain, and then head back to your pew. Imagine if the Magi could have taken the baby Jesus with them. Yeah, you have just received heaven.

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