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Just as with any birthday or holiday, finding the right gift for a Baptism, First Communion, or Confirmation can be a challenge. You want to pick a gift that will be treasured but not duplicated. Sacramental celebrations are not immune when it comes to gift-giving anxiety. The go-to gifts are Bibles and rosaries, and while beautiful keepsakes, they’re likely to be repeated by another guest at the party. But if you are looking to give a gift that is not only unique but also treasured,  we’ve got a dozen suggestions for you 


Baptism isn’t a valid baptism without proper matter—water. Why not make the holy water memorable? CraftRosariesLLC offers custom glass holy water bottles with tags, ribbons and even dried flowers. There are dozens of options, and some designs can even be purchased in bulk. Why bulk? To share holy water with all your guests, of course!

When my daughter was baptized, she was given a tiny pink teddy bear, which became her comfort stuffy and was lovingly named Nuh-Night Bear. Instead of a bear, give Jesus, Mary, or the Holy Family as a night-time stuffy. I love the handmade dolls from Outrageousmom. They even offer rattles and sherpa baby blankets.

If you like the blanket idea, then check out TheLittleRoseShop. They have many Catholic symbols and saint muslin swaddle blankets and Minky baby blankets. The Little Rose Shop also has beautiful art prints and other nursery décor. My favorite gifts from the shop, however, would be their quiet books. A quiet book is similar to a fabric book in which each page has a quiet activity or puzzle. The Little Rose Shop offers three different books: Where is Jesus?, Mass, and the Rosary. They even have the Mass book pattern available for purchase to make a one-of-a-kind book!

First Communion

Continuing with sacramental matter-related gifts, how about a bread bowl that serves as a prayer or rosary bowl? Yes, the proper matter is unleavened bread, and a bread bowl serves as a dish for when the bread is rising…but it’s the symbolic nature of the bread, you know? Rustic Marine has beautiful handmade bread bowls that are works of art on their own but can also be customized. By purchasing from Rustic Marine, you would be supporting a locally-owned family business that has been working hard after suffering a devastating house fire in 2023. If you like the idea of a rosary bowl or dish but would like something a little less rustic, check out ClareyClayworks. Her handmade and customizable trinket dishes are a great gift option for any sacrament.

I know what my children loved when they were of First Communion age—pop-its. Gather and Pray has Sacraments of Initiation pop-its and pop-it rosaries. Yes, a pop-it rosary that allows communicants to “pop” each decade’s rosary bubble. I showed my kids, and they asked me to buy them one!

Once a child has become one with Christ through the gift of the Eucharist, they are on their way to being joyful missionary disciples! A small custom cross money bank or piggy bank could be used to help your little disciple practice almsgiving.

Finally, a great gift option for a first communicant would be a custom night light. Not only does a night light ease the fears of the dark, but it also reminds children that Jesus is the light of the world! There are many great options out there. However, my favorites were this night light with name and date, this one with a Bible verse and for the princess in your life, a flower cross.


Teenagers are difficult to shop for, and sure, it is easy to simply slip some cash in a card and call it a day. Yet, nothing compares to getting a genuine smile out of a teenager opening a gift they weren’t expecting and love! The Little Catholic specializes in fine jewelry and their pieces are lovely. The saint cuff links were a favorite for young men and the dainty jewelry scapulars and saint necklaces make great options for young women.

If you want to inspire your teen to build a prayer space, PaxBeloved has beautiful digital art prints. Her designs are contemporary which makes them approachable and loved by all ages. To really deck out a prayer space, The Catholic Woodworker has small handcrafted home altars.

The most teenager-approved gifts would have to be anything that deals with technology or music. SJCantius has over 1000 items to gift, but what really caught my attention were their Catholic phone cases. What makes the site unique is the variety of both iPhone and Samsung cases. If your confirmandi wears an Apple watch, give an Apple band like this Philippians 4:13 or John 3:16 design. Finally, if your confirmandi loves to play guitar, this custom guitar pick and pick box would make a wonderful gift!