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As we all settle back into our routines this fall and school, sports, social lives and extra-curriculars fill up our days, it’s easy to get sucked into the daily grind and miss time with the Lord. One small way we can be more intentional in making time for prayer is to incorporate praise and worship music into the day-to-day routine. One of the places we can try to easily incorporate that type of prayer is the time spent in the car between drop-offs and pick-ups. That’s why we created a carpool playlist — to give you a simple, go-to way to pray on your own, with your kiddos or as a whole family between the various activities of your day. We’ve curated this playlist to include a mix of mellow contemplative songs, and high-energy anthems to be the soundtrack to your praise throughout your day with songs that can be enjoyed and (more importantly) used for prayer by people of any age! 

Recommended listening: 

Start your morning with the hopeful anticipation of “Morning Song” by Steffany Gretzinger, and then spend a few minutes with classic true praise songs including “Worthy of it All” by Village Lights and “How Deep the Father’s Love.” 

As your morning progresses and energy picks up, let “No Longer Bound” by Forrest Frank, “Standing in Your Light” by Sarah Kroger, and “Wake” by Hillsong Young and Free pump up your crew for the day ahead, counting on the graces God will give you! 

As the day goes on and perhaps you move into the afternoon shuffling around town, turn to some old classics like “Come Thou Fount” and “How Great is Our God,” along with some newer songs, as well, to recenter your heart and mind on the Lord.

Finally, as the day wraps up, declare the Lord’s goodness and thank him for the day through a song like “All the People Said Amen” by Matt Maher and celebrate the goodness of his promises by singing (and probably dancing) to “Feeling Good” by ISLY. And be sure to close out the day anticipating the joy of the sabbath ahead with “Sunday is Coming” by Phil Wickham.