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By their witness as well as their words, families speak to others of Jesus. They pass on the faith, they arouse a desire for God and they reflect the beauty of the Gospel and its way of life.
(Amoris Laetitia, 184)

“It is impossible to overestimate the centrality of the family in the passing of the Catholic faith from one generation to the next. ‘The generation to come will be told of the Lord, that they may proclaim to a people yet unborn the deliverance you have brought’” (Ps 22:32) (UTG, Guidepost 7). For the last three years, 52 Sundays has responded to Archbishop Vigneron’s call to help families strengthen their Christian Identity and build the domestic Church (UTG, Action Step 1.3). 

52 Sundays is a weekly resource designed to help families reclaim the Lord’s Day for faith and family. This resource reflects on the Sunday Gospel, explores the lives of the saints, introduces various forms of family prayer and offers suggestions for meals and family fun. 52 Sundays has helped families across the country make Mass a priority and grow in the habits of discipleship in a distinctly Catholic way. In 2020, when the pandemic closed churches nationwide, 52 Sundays was there to help families celebrate Sunday at home. In 2021, 52 Sundays was expanded to include content for the Easter Triduum, Family Connections (a way to use 52 Sundays in the context of a family small group setting) and a Family Challenge (a way to put the Gospel into action). In 2022, a vocations theme was integrated into the weekly content. vocations to the priesthood, religious life, Holy Matrimony and consecrated single life were highlighted through the saint stories, activities and discussion questions throughout the year, allowing parents to discuss vocations in a home setting.

What’s next for 52 Sundays? An all-new digital format with downloadable PDFs and a podcast! The newly re-designed website will make it easier for parents, catechists and teachers to engage with and share the content. The new 52 Sundays will be free to all users, and the content will be available in English and Spanish. Check out the new website.

In addition, we will introduce a new podcast called Beyond Sunday in 2023. This podcast will explore relevant topics that will help Catholic parents navigate the culture and build the domestic Church.  

Unleash the Gospel calls families to display a strikingly countercultural way of living grounded in prayer, sacraments and Scripture. As the New Year approaches, take some time to pray and discern how your family can grow closer to God this year. Consider making 52 Sundays and the new podcast a part of your weekly routine in 2023 and committing to living your faith more intentionally on Sunday and beyond.