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Why share your testimony?

March 9, 2022

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Your story of faith is unique and unrepeatable. Sharing that story matters. Fr. Mario Amore unpacks the power that you have in sharing your testimony. Who will you share it with next?


Our personal testimonies are our own living story of faith. They’re the ways in which we reflect upon how the Holy Spirit has strengthened us in our Christian journey, and has brought us from one point, even perhaps of unbelief, to certainty of God’s presence.

We share our personal testimonies first and foremost, so that we might give thanks and praise to God. We are God’s instruments. We are His hands and feet. We are His mouth pieces in the world. And so if we don’t share our personal testimony, we fail to allow the world to know that God is alive and he’s working in the lives of people today.

Personal testimonies are also means of encouraging other people. When people hear our stories, perhaps they’re able to see a little part of themselves in our own story and not give into this way of thinking that God is not present. God has a plan for their lives and God desires them to open their hearts, their minds, and their ears to hear God’s call and to be strengthened by the movement of the Holy Spirit.

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