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Why is Evangelical Charity Essential to the Life of Disciple? | WHY

September 10, 2021

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Evangelical charity helps us to live our own call to holiness, and to see Christ in everyone we encounter. Tune in as Fr. Mario Amore explores the holiness that can come to us as we carry out works of service and charity.


Evangelical charity, or Christian service, is important in the life of every Christian.

Evangelical charity helps us to live out our own call of holiness. It helps us to see Christ in those who are poor, those who are alone. It helps us to live out our call to discipleship, to follow after Jesus, who had an important love for those who were poor or the downtrodden, the downcast.

As we take part in important works of Christian service in our parish or community, we grow in our own lives of holiness. It helps us to recognize the blessings that God has given to us. Evangelical charity helps us to be more fully alive in our own Christian life.

It helps us to give of ourselves, to lay down our lives for our friends, rather our brothers and sisters, as we heed this call to serve him, to love him in this life so that we might be with him forever in the next.