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Downriver Vicariate Family 3 is a family of six parishes located in Trenton, Riverview, Flat Rock, Woodhaven and Grosse Ille. The family’s moderator is Father Marc Gawronski and the pastors who serve the family are Father David Lesniak, Father Robert Johnson and Father Ray Lewandowski. Through Families of Parishes, we are reminded of our role as brothers and sisters in faith. We are one body, the body of Christ. Each parish in this family, and every family, maintains its unique identity and community — portrayed in this photo essay.

Downriver Vicariate Family 3
St. Joseph Parish, Trenton
St. Timothy Parish, Trenton
St. Cyprian Parish, Riverview
St. Roch Parish, Flat Rock
Our Lady of the Woods Parish, Woodhaven
Sacred Heart Parish, Grosse Ile

St. Joseph Parish in Trenton was founded in 1849. At its core, St. Joseph is known for outreach and community support through services such as All Saints Soup Kitchen, Angel Tree (Christmas assistance), Right to Life, St. Nicholas Food Drive, Thanksgiving baskets through St. Vincent de Paul and many more.

St. Timothy Parish in Trenton celebrated its first Mass in 1957, a parish community centered on the Eucharist. The high rafters and skylight windows fill the church with light, creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

The first Mass in St. Cyprian’s current building was celebrated in 1956. The main features of the parish environment are light, beauty and color, with many stained-glass windows lining the church walls. St. Cyprian Parish and the people within it are dedicated to the ministry of hospitality — warm Sunday morning greetings, smiles, personally passing out books before Mass, etc. When people first enter this church, they are meeting the people of god and feel at ease and welcome.

St. Roch Parish in Flat Rock was founded in 1956 and is dedicated to the faith formation and spiritual growth of the parish and neighboring communities. The parish offers several Christian outreach services and a meditation garden on its beautiful grounds.

Our Lady of the Woods Parish was established in 1975 and is nestled in the community of Woodhaven. The parish is known for its music ministry, use of modern technology and welcoming spirit. Masses are a mix of traditional worship with contemporary music.

Sacred Heart Parish in Grosse Ile Township is the oldest church within the family of parishes. The first Mass was celebrated in Michigan south of St. Ignace in 1679. In 1915, a new stone chapel was built, dedicated and named Sacred Heart. Today, Sacred Heart serves 890 families from Grosse Ile and local communities. The parish stands as a beacon of light for faith, love, commitment and hope.