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The Healing Power of the Eucharist | Unleashed

June 25, 2021

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In Marker 1.3 of Unleash the Gospel, Archbishop Vigneron writes that, “we look for the proclamation of the good news to be accompanied by signs and wonders that visibly demonstrate God’s love and convince people that Jesus Christ is truly alive.” In this episode of Unleashed, Fr. Patrick Gonyeau shares a testimony of these signs and wonders as part of our everyday lives, witnessing to the grace that flows from Jesus’ presence in the Eucharist and the miracles he can work.


Corpus Christi Catholic Church,
Detroit, MI

In the Archbishop’s letter, Unleash the Gospel, this prophetic, inspired document, in Marker 1.3 he writes, “Signs, small and great, are a normal part of the Christian life.” And I love a good glory story. A story that tells about the wonders of God. I want to tell you one now.

So, I was leading Eucharistic Adoration and a procession at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church in Brighton. And I’m walking along in the procession carrying Jesus. And as I’m walking by, I hear this man say, “I can see.” I had to stop. I was a little bit astounded and, “Huh?” He says, “The Lord healed my eye.” And so, I just pause there for a second. And he explained, he’d been having poor vision. He could see out of his eye there.

A little bit later, I get a message from the man. His message was this. He says, “Hello! I went to my eye doctor appointment today. My left eye is much improved. From 20/80 in October 2020, today it is 20/40.” Doing the math, that’s a 50% increase. That’s what led him to say, “I can see.”

The sign is the Eucharist in these beautiful stories. And we know that’s Jesus. And as we gaze upon Jesus in Adoration, as we go to Mass, in that moment when the Eucharist is lifted high, we know it gives healing to our spiritual sight, but yes! Eucharistic miracles happen that bring healing to our body, healing to our sight. The sign of the Eucharist really points to his presence. And the grace that flows from his presence makes wonders happen. If you feel a little bit skeptical listening to these, it’s okay to do what the apostles did. They said, “Increase our faith!”

Increase our faith. It’s simple and sweet. And the Archbishop wrote in Unleash the Gospel, “It’s not the signs and the wonders that we stop at, but they point us to the Lord who worked the sign and the wonder.”

So, just pray, “Jesus, increase my faith in signs and wonders.” The sign and the wonder that is the Most Blessed Sacrament. May we be drawn frequently to love Adoration, and go there with your aches and your pains, spiritual and physical. Soak in his presence and ask for his healing love to fill you. God bless you, friends. May your life abound signs and wonders.

This video was posted in Detroit.