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A shared community is one of the most grace-filled ways to grow in faith. The Catholic faith is one of connection and relationship, and our mission to create the kingdom of heaven on earth includes striving for sainthood ourselves — and helping those around us become saints.

The perfect way to share this mission and community is by joining a small group. Meet new friends to share the joys and challenges of Christian life, to invest in each other’s spiritual health and wealth and to build true communities rooted in faith. Whether your small group focuses on the Bible, a liturgical season or another devotion or challenge, seize the opportunity to grow in both personal faith and fellowship in Jesus with an intentional community of disciples.

Refer to these resources below to discover what to expect from a small group or to get started, and prayerfully consider whether God is calling you to lead!

Small groups resources:

Getting Started

Participant Guide

Facilitator Guide

Bible and Faith Studies