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3 Ways to Invite Friends Back to Mass After the Dispensation Ends

March 5, 2021

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All joyful missionary disciples are called to demonstrate their care for friends and family (who are able) to return to Mass as the general dispensation ends.

Here are three easy ways you can do that: – Make a personal invitation – Share a selfie at church – Ask your parish how you can help with outreach.

Learn more at aod.org/comehometohope


The greatest way God communicates himself is through our participation in the Eucharist. We will never be closer to God this side of heaven than when we are at Mass. Therefore, after time of prudently finding ways to safely and reverently celebrate Mass, it is vital that all who are able return to physical participation in the Mass.

While there cannot be a guarantee from all the harms of this world, including COVID-19, few places are as safe as our churches. Let people know that they can come back to Mass without greatly increasing their susceptibility of getting sick.

Here are three easy ways that we as joyful missionary disciples can invite others to come back to Mass.

First, make a personal invitation. Nothing substitutes for personally inviting someone. Each of us knows someone who has not been back to church since the pandemic began. By reaching out to them by a phone call, a text, or through social media, we demonstrate our care for them and could provide them with the gentle nudge that makes the difference.

Second, share an individual or a family selfie at church on social media. For better or worse, social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are the places we are most likely to give an anonymous encouragement to someone to return to Mass.

Third, ask your parish how you can help. Some parishes have put together ways to reach out to their parishioners over the past several months. As we return to the regular practice of Sunday Mass and invite people once again to take up the obligation to participate at Sunday Mass, it’s important that we do that joyfully and as missionary disciples, so that many people can participate in the graces God wants to give them by being physically present at church for the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.