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2020 has been a year that seems to be rushing by and moving in slow-motion all at the same time. Time continues to march forward, and we are quickly approaching 2021! While the start of a new year often means new resolutions to grow personally or professionally, become more disciplined or to try something new, it can also be a time to commit to habits as a family. 52 Sundays is here to help you do just that, and you don’t have to wait until the end of December to commit to it!

The Prayer Resolution: We need to pray more! We will add more variety to our prayer routine.

52 Sundays includes a different family prayer for each Sunday of the year, as well as the Easter triduum and Christmas. There are a variety of prayer styles explored throughout the year so families can learn new ways to pray. 

The Scripture Resolution: I will read more of the Bible this year. I will look at the readings for Mass ahead of time each week. 

Reflecting on Sacred Scripture allows God to speak into the concrete circumstances of our lives. 52 Sundays contains the text of each Sunday’s Gospel in 2021 as well as the biblical citations for all the readings of the day. Families can read them ahead of time, use them for reflection or more.

The Church Resolution: We will go to Mass together every week. I will engage more at Mass. 

Knowing that Mass is essential to how we reclaim Sunday as Catholics, 52 Sundays provides a weekly “Liturgy Link” as an easy way to better engage at Mass and become more aware of the church’s environment. 

The Quality Time Resolution: We will spend more time together as a family. I will connect with others about my faith in a meaningful way.

52 Sundays includes a fun activity for your family to do together each week of the year. Check out the beginning of this year’s edition for an easy way to use 52 Sundays in the context of a family small group setting to help your family connect with others about the faith. 

The Kitchen Resolution: I will learn to cook or bake something new. We will sit down at least once a week to share a meal together.

52 Sundays includes many recipes submitted by families around the Archdiocese of Detroit. Each recipe connects to the theme for that particular week. Make the menu item part of your shared family meal on Sundays. 

The Sharing Resolution: I will spend more time listening to my kids and sharing my faith with them.

52 Sundays includes questions for reflection and discussion among family members about the Sunday Gospel and the highlighted saint. There are tips and ideas for sharing in the introduction of the book as well. Each week also includes a “Family Challenge,” which is a way for your family to put the Gospel into action by extending radical hospitality, performing works of mercy, practicing virtues or doing random acts of kindness

The Knowledge Resolution: I will learn more about the faith this year. 

Each week you get to meet a new member of the communion of saints. This year, we will introduce a saint that has made the ultimate sacrifice and laid down his or her life for Christ. You’ll often see a picture of the saint to help put a face with the name as well. The “Fun Facts” section will include some fun Catholic and secular trivia for the given day or week. 

While the book’s first entry isn’t until January, you can order your copy of 52 Sundays now. Place your order today in order to get your copy early and be ready to go the first Sunday in January. The pricing for the book is $8.95 plus shipping; that price will go up on December 1st so order soon! 

You also may want to consider giving 52 Sundays as a gift for Christmas, a birthday, a sacramental celebration or just because! Think of your godchildren, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, neighbors, co-workers and friends. Each family can use the resource in their own way, but can share their experiences on social media to connect to the universal Church as well as their parish community.

52 Sundays was created to help families reclaim the Lord’s Day for faith and family each week – to highlight and reflect on the Sunday Gospel, to explore the lives of the saints, to encourage and introduce a variety of structures for family prayer and to offer suggestions for food and family fun. Grow as a family in 2021 using this book. For more information, visit www.52Sundays.com and also see a sample of the book.