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Do you feel lonely or isolated at times? Do you want your friendships to go deeper and challenge you to grow? Do you want to become the man or woman God is calling you to be, but feel a bit stuck? Imagine, for a moment, having true, deep, authentic friendships rooted in Christ. Imagine regularly connecting with good friends who inspire, encourage and support one another in life’s joys and struggles. Imagine these friends calling you on to a life of holiness and encouraging you to be the man or woman God created you to be. What would that look like for you? How would that change your life?

This is all possible for you by starting a small group. Many men and women testify to the blessings that come from walking the journey of faith with their peers. Small groups are a simple way for people to come together on a regular basis, encounter God through prayer, reflect on Scripture and share their journey of faith. Participating in a small group does not require a long-term commitment. Most groups meet over the course of a few weeks and then discuss the possibility of continuing on. It doesn’t require any experience or formal training.

Many of us have difficulty making time for our faith. However, the quarantine has effectively given us the gift of time, as it has cleared our calendars of business travel, outside activities and other commitments for the foreseeable future. Why not consider starting your own small group today? You can meet digitally or in-person. See the links below to get started on your journey to a deeper encounter with God, to growing your friendships and to living more fully the life God wants for you.

Starting an Adult Small Group

Starting a Family Small Group

Small Group Leader Guide

Small Group Participant Guide