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Consider the time we’ve spent in our homes over the last months. Consider the new activities we’ve tried and the new ways we’ve connected with our families and loved ones. Unleash the Gospel charged us to embody a spirit of innovation as the Church in Southeast Michigan, and we’ve been challenged lately to embody that same spirit in our personal lives as well. Reflect on the many ways we’ve explored what it means to be connected, and use these activities as a way to continue this exploration and innovation for this week.


Grow: Prayer Schedule

For many people, life at home during quarantine is as busy as ever. It may be helpful to set a reminder to stop and pray. Set a reminder on your phone to stop and pray a specific prayer or for a specific intention. For example, the Angelus is traditionally prayed at 6am, 12pm, and 6pm each day; you can set a reminder to pray the Angelus at one of those times. You can also create an event in your calendar that repeats daily with the words of the prayer you want to pray. It could be something as simple as praying “Jesus, Mary, and Joseph—pray for me” at 7:00pm each day. When the alarm goes off, the prayer will be displayed right on your screen.

As a Family:

Witness: Encourage Each Other

Let those in your home know you are thinking of them! Have each person in your family write a few words (or draw a picture if they are younger) of encouragement or reassurance on sticky notes or notecards. Place them around the house for other family members to find throughout the day.

As a Couple:

Encounter: Pray the Litany of Marriage and Family  

Litanies are a powerful way to invoke the intercession of the saints. The Litany of Marriage and Family may be particularly helpful in these days of quarantine. As a couple, pray the Litany of Marriage and Family together. Have one spouse read the beginning of each line (ex/ Holy Mary, Spouse of St. Joseph) and the other read the response (ex/Pray for us). If there are any saints that are special to you as a couple, ask for their prayers as well. 

As a Church:

Worshipping from Home on Sunday, May 17th: Images of the Holy Spirit

Today, we hear about the promise of the Holy Spirit in the Gospel. Take some time to reflect on the different images of the Holy Spirit (fire, dove, wind, etc.). Then as a family discuss what image best describes your experience of the Holy Spirit. If you feel so inspired, consider drawing pictures of the images to display in your home this week.