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In this week’s Gospel we read about Jesus revealing himself to two of his friends in the breaking of the bread after his resurrection. Upon recognizing him, the two immediately went out to spread the news that, “The Lord has truly been raised”! Let us draw inspiration from these disciples and spread the same Good News, beginning with our domestic church. Use some of these activities to share reflections on this life of Christ and to live in his image.

Sunday, 4/26/2020 

Worshipping at Home: Family Faith Walk 

Inspired by the conversation between Jesus and the disciples on the road to Emmaus, take a walk as a family today to talk about God in your life. While you walk, consider each of your family members’ favorite stories of Jesus, times when Jesus has surprised you, and something the Holy Spirit is calling you to. Consider and discuss these as a family while surrounded by the nature that God has created.

Monday, 4/27/2020

Encounter: Family Charades  

Encounter Christ through the events of his life by playing the classic game of charades! On slips of paper, write down some events in Jesus’ life and place them in a bowl.  Divide into teams or have each player play on their own. One person picks a slip from the bowl.  With a timer set for 1 minute (or an appropriate time for the player), the person acts out the event on their slip of paper without talking.  The first person/team to guess the name correctly gets a point.  Rotate so everyone gets a turn to act and a turn to guess.   

Tuesday, 4/28/2020  

Grow: Revisit Your Wedding Story  

When you can’t travel outside the home, consider traveling back in time to your wedding day. Take half an hour today to talk about your wedding day.  Pull out pictures, watch part of your wedding video, and share your favorite memories of that day.  Take a few minutes to read one of the readings from your wedding or listen to one of the songs played at your wedding ceremony.  Reflect on what the words meant to you that day and share what those words mean to you today.  

Wednesday, 4/29/2020

Witness: Letters of Encouragement

Send a note to someone who could use some encouragement, such as deployed service members or young people in the hospital for long-term treatment to let them know that you are thinking of them and offer encouragement during this time.  

Thursday, 4/30/2020 

Encounter: Find Jesus in Art

Take some time to reflect on your Easter journey and express that through art. For those who are artistically inclined, create a piece of art (drawing, painting, sculpture), compose a piece of music (instrumental composition, song with lyrics, etc.) or write a story or poetry to express something of your Easter season so far. If you need some inspiration, reflect on what you think the disciples felt like during this season. You may also consider finding Catholic coloring pages, available for both children and adults.

Friday, 5/1/2020

Grow: Pray the Rosary together as a family    

May is the month of Mary and the rosary is a great way to honor our Blessed Mother. The goal is quality not quantity. Parents will want to lead their children into the mysteries and help them make a connection with God.  If you find it difficult getting through all five decades, pray just one or two.  Use your imagination and enter into the mystery – what does it look like, feel like or sound like to you?  Share your thoughts with your family members. The Sorrowful Mysteries of the Rosary are traditionally prayed on Fridays; however, you can pray any of the mysteries as appropriate for your family’s needs.

Saturday, 5/2/2020 

Witness: Rekindling Relationships 

Take some time to rediscover the little things that make your relationship with your spouse special. When the kids are tucked in bed, take some time to answer these questions and let your conversation flow from there.

  • What is your favorite game? Why?  
  • What are 3 songs you would put on the soundtrack of your life?  Why?
  • What was your favorite memory growing up?  
  • What was your favorite subject in school?  Which was your least favorite?  
  • What would your ultimate meal consist of?   
  • What was your first impression of your spouse?  
  • Where is the furthest place you’ve traveled away from home?  Why did you go there?  
  • What is your favorite color?  Why?  
  • What is your favorite picture of you and your spouse?  
  • If you could do one thing to change the world, what would it be and why?