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Alleluia, Jesus is risen! Let us rejoice and be glad! As we move into the first week of Easter, let us gather with our families to celebrate Christ’s triumph over death and explore some of the ways we exhibit our faith in our homes. Use these activities to inspire deeper reflection into the words and symbols that accompany this season of Easter and the crux of our Catholic faith.

Monday, 4/13/2020

Encounter: Read one of the Gospel accounts of the Resurrection with Lectio Divina   

Reflecting on Sacred Scripture is a deep and powerful way to encounter the Risen Lord. Lectio Divina is a traditional Catholic method of reading Scripture, meditating on it, using our imagination, praying and allowing it to interact with our lives so that we can hear God’s voice.  Try practicing Lectio Divina as a family with suggested readings from the Gospels according to Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Tuesday, 4/14/2020  

Grow: Catholic Lego Challenge

Everyone loves Legos! Take the Catholic Lego Challenge to get inspired and explore ways in which others have used Legos to express their faith. Challenge friends and family members to create something and share pictures online with the #SpiritualCloseness hashtag.

Wednesday, 4/15/2020

Witness: Use social media to inspire and encourage 

Social media and information technology are God-given opportunities for spreading the Gospel in our time. (Unleash the Gospel, Marker 6.4) Share a picture of your Easter-decorated home on your social media channels to give hope and inspiration to your friends and family.  Use the hashtag #SpiritualCloseness on your posts and to follow what other inspiring messages people are sharing. This can also be an opportunity to ask for people’s prayer intentions and incorporate them into your family prayer.

Thursday, 4/16/2020 

Encounter:  Religious Scavenger Hunt around the home  

Religious items such as Bibles, rosaries, icons or prayer cards in the home express the richness of the Catholic faith and help to reinforce the sacred in daily life. Host a religious scavenger hunt in a few ways. Have each person identify a certain number of items around the house, see who can identify the most items in a certain amount of time, create a list of items to find, or try a resurrection scavenger hunt. Invite each family member to share what they found as a way to get reacquainted with the religious décor in your home, discuss their significance and recapture the meaning of these items for your family.

Friday, 4/17/2020

Grow: Explore the Examen Prayer as a Family

St. Ignatius’ Examen is a great way of becoming aware of God’s presence in our lives and a tool that helps us to review the day to see how we have responded (or not responded) to God’s promptings. Practicing the Examen with children can involve exploring ways in which they have (or have not) shown love that day.  This practice is a wonderful way to become aware of God’s presence in our lives.  

Saturday, 4/18/2020

Witness: Reaching Out 

The recent quarantine has increased isolation and loneliness, especially for the elderly. Invite each person in the family to reach out to a different person: grandparent, friend, or other family member to spend some time in conversation. If possible, use FaceTime or a video conferencing platform to connect with these individuals. Assist younger children in placing phone calls or establishing a video connection.