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No one could have predicted the changes the coronavirus would bring to our nation, businesses, places of worship, and our homes. The world as we know it has come to a screeching halt. Gone are the days (at least for now) of sharing a meal at a favorite restaurant, going to the movies, or seeing a performance at a concert venue. But quarantine and social distancing do not mean that date nights have to fall by the wayside entirely. With a little creativity, couples can still have fun together!

Need some date night inspiration? Here are six ideas to get you started, or download this kit!

1. Have a Dress-Up Night

Dress up, take pictures, and have a candlelit dinner. Follow it up with a relaxing activity together (stargazing, bonfire, watch your wedding video, flip through old photos together, etc.).

2. Have a Spa Night

Consider making your home a spa-like oasis for the evening. Light candles, put on relaxing music, and create a serene atmosphere in which to unwind. To have the ultimate spa experience: get in comfy robes, do face masks (yes, together!), soak your feet, offer foot or shoulder massages, and enjoy a glass of wine or beer.

3. Have Your Own Wine or Beer Tasting

Get an assortment of wines or beer and set up flights like you would for an actual tasting. To make it feel like a night out: get out actual wine glasses, set the table, make appetizers, light candles, and play music. You may want to do a blind taste to make it even more interesting. Write down the flavors you taste and compare your written notes to the bottle.

4. Make Your Own Dessert Night

Pick two different recipes to try together. Each of you can make one and then taste test to see which you like best.

5. Host a Virtual Double Date with Another Couple

Set a time to meet through a video conference platform. Have appetizers, drinks, and dinner. Arrange to cook the same food in both locations. Top off the evening with a game through a virtual hangout game.

6. Take a Virtual Dance Lesson

After a nice dinner, clear a space in your home to create a dance floor and pull up a dance lesson video on YouTube. There are a variety of options including ballroom dancing, swing, hip hop, salsa, and more. Spend the remainder of the evening practicing your new moves!

Sometimes it’s hard for parents to carve out time for themselves when kids demand all their attention. One option is to start the date night when the kids are in bed. If that’s not possible, here are some tips for keeping kids occupied during your date night: 

For younger kids:
  • Check out the kid’s movies on Formed.org. From learning about the saints to a secret agent series, there is sure to be something for your children to enjoy! In addition, check out Cat.Chat, an entertaining series hosted by a family that teaches the faith through music, humor, and more.
  • Make an activity box for each of your kids to entertain them and keep them busy while you’re on your date night. Don’t let them know what you put in it so they’ll be surprised when they receive it! Consider including items such as coloring activities, card games, books, magnet activities, puzzles, crafts, etc. Find more ideas here.
  • Give them a special project to work on while you are on your date and invite them to share it with you at the end of the evening. Some ideas include designing and decorating a gift for their grandparents, writing letters to their cousins, or searching cookbooks to find recipes to cook.
For tweens and teens:
  • Check out YDisciple on Formed.org. YDisciple has numerous resources for teens. The small group discussion component can be substituted with individual reflection and journaling. Parents are encouraged to explore the discussion questions with their youth the next day. Alternatively, for full-length films, explore The Movie Nights category under the Movie option. Parents can check out the trailers for most films ahead of time. Some films are intended for an adult audience so talk to your young person ahead of time about what films are appropriate for them.
  • Give them a challenge to complete during your date night. Some ideas include: learning to create something out of origami, creating a photo book for a family member, or doing a jigsaw puzzle.  
  • Put their planning skills to work. Have them plan their dream family vacation with details of how you would travel, where you would stay, what you would do, etc. The next day, invite each family member to share their dream family vacation and explain why it would be special to them.