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Wednesday, 3/18/2020 

Witness: Encouragement Notecards 

Create notecards to leave on your neighbors’ doors that sends encouragement. This is an easy way to let your neighbor know you’re thinking about them, that God loves them, and that you’re willing to provide help if they need it.  

How to: Purchase some notecards (or cut them out from a sheet of paper). Decorate the way you’d like. On the notecard you can write an encouraging phase, share a scripture verse on encouragement and include your contact information if you’d like them to contact you. Be creative in using colors, drawings and pictures to brighten up their day! Then, you can visit their home and attach it to their door with tape or leave the notecard by the mailbox.   

Thursday, 3/19/2020 

Encounter: Create a Prayer Space at Home  

Creating a Prayer Space reminds everyone in the household that prayer is an important part of everyday life. When you create a Prayer Space in your home, you are reminded of God’s presence at all times, while also making a connection between church and home.  

How to: Pick a location for your space, either a prominent place in the home, or a location that is more private. Such a space can be created by using the center or end of the dining table, on an end tablecoffee table or even on a mantel or shelf. Add sacred items, like the Bible, a candle, holy cards or pictures. Allow the area to reflect your family and your faith. Take time pray there with your family. You can also post notes, prayers, sayings, and petitions. Invite family members to check out the space daily. 

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Friday, 3/20/2020 

Grow: Journey Through Lent Game 

Here is an easy game to learn more about Lent and have a lot of fun playing it. The family can create the game together, and then have fun trying to answer the questions. Once you have the game pieces together, you can design new themes and questions to keep the game and the challenges going!  

 How to: Download the directions at the link below. Create your game piece and follow the directionsThe objective of the game is to get the most points by answering questions. The recommended theme today is Lent. 

Download the Directions

Saturday, 3/21/2020 

Witness: Cross Chalk Walk  

This is a great way to let people see Jesus in your neighborhood. It can help people know that Jesus is very close to us. It can also be a way to connect with others without gathering in person.  Consider calling your friends and get them to do this in their neighborhoods.  Then you can take a walk through their neighborhoods to find their “signs” of Jesus!  You can also post on neighborhood online boards inviting others to find the chalk symbols you have made.   

How to: Get some chalk and go for a walk and draw a cross or fish in various places throughout your neighborhood, making sure to be respectful. Say a prayer for your neighbors when you do. Then, invite others to hunt for the symbols as they go for a walk.