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Over the past couple weeks, we’ve all started to develop some new habits around the house: setting up a new workspace, keeping the kids entertained or adjusting our routines to accommodate for social distancing guidelines. Not only can adapting and creating these new routines be tiring, but as we move into another week of them, we can start feeling a bit stuck.

Add a little variety and interrupt the routine the same way you would under normal circumstances: with date night! Just because restaurants or bars aren’t totally an option right now, that certainly doesn’t mean date night needs to be put on hold. To equip you with the best of both worlds, we’re excited to offer you an at-home date night kit so you can share a night of laughter and romance right in the comfort of your own home. This package will provide you with some creative and inspiring ideas to continue making memories together, even while staying in. Included in the kit are recipe ideas, conversation starters and a comedy special from actor and comedian Jason Earles — all completely free!

Enjoy a little vacation from your regular social distancing routine. Cook a new meal, grab some of your date night clothes from your closet, tuck your phone away and just enjoy some laughter and quality time with each other. The kit includes tips for how to minimize interruption and to really make this a fun and romantic date.

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