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How many times are we encouraged to trust in the Lord? The prophet Jeremiah reminds us that it’s not just advisable or a good idea, but that when we trust in the Lord we are blessed. 

This time of social distancing and self-quarantining gives us a glimpse of the fasting and isolation Jesus endured in the desert for 40 days, a stretch in which he himself had to trust in the Father’s plan for him. 

As we continue to trust in the Lord and seek ways to find comfort and remain spiritually close with our brothers and sisters, it’s possible that we may need some words of guidance. Here are ten of our favorite Open Door Policy episodes to bring you comfort, grace, healing or advice during these times of uncertainty.

Season One

Episode 3: Conversation with Joe Balistreri, Director of Music for the Archdiocese of Detroit

Danielle and Fr. Steve interview Joe Balistreri, Director of Music for the Archdiocese of Detroit, who shares how the power of beauty and music have helped him to know the Lord. The three discuss the connection of beauty in the Eucharist, as well as the ever-present challenge of excessive busyness and how Unleash the Gospel led and equipped Joe to trust that he’s living out his vocation. 

Episode 6: Msgr. Trapp brings his experience unleashing the Gospel to the Open Door Studio

Danielle and Fr. Steve talk with Msgr. Daniel Trapp about being a good disciple, the joys of multicultural ministry, and winning the Pinewood Derby. Msgr. Trapp reflects on the strong faith formation of his youth, both in school and at home, and the grace of the adoration chapel at St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome. The three also discuss covenantal encounters and the gift of spiritual direction. 

Season Two

Episode 9: Christina Marchetti shares the gospel of life with Danielle and Fr. Steve 

Christina Marchetti talks about her ministry as Executive Director of Mother and Unborn Baby Care and how she Unleashes the Gospel in her daily life. Christina, Danielle, and Fr. Steve look at the depth of our faith, the benefits of living out our faith in our work lives, and the “Theology of the Body.” As the three discuss Unleash the Gospel, they talk about the need for evangelizers to be evangelized, and how we can physically, spiritually, and emotionally prevent burnout. 

Episode 14: The Archbishop of Detroit, the Most Rev. Allen H. Vigneron, is our special guest

Danielle and Fr. Steve have a wide-ranging conversation with Archbishop Vigneron on the power of the Holy Spirit, the gifts of art and literature and the new fabric of the Church in Southeast Michigan. Archbishop talks about his friend Jesus and how his parents always firmly entrusted their lives to Mary. He reflects on his time in the seminary and discusses how the pastoral letter Unleash the Gospel came to be.

Episode 15: Dr. Ray Bauer talks about intercessory prayer

Fr. Steve and Danielle sit down with Dr. Ray Bauer who shares his story of walking with Jesus during a time of great tragedy and his personal experience with the healing power of Christ. He talks about his introduction to the Liturgy of the Hours and how intercessory prayer changed his life. The three also discuss what it means to be a joyful missionary disciple in the midst of suffering.

Season Three

Episode 23: Mary Wilkerson shares the importance of witness 

Fr. Steve and Danielle welcome Mary Wilkerson, wife, mother and podcaster to talk about balancing all this while being a witness to the world. Mary reflects on how we are individually and truly known by God, the reignition of her relationship with him, and how she hears God speaking to her.

Episode 25: Fr. John Riccardo talks about the Eucharist, Acts 29 and pandas 

Fr. John Riccardo joins Fr. Steve and Danielle to talk about his new ministry, his love for the Eucharist and why the panda is his all-purpose emoji. Fr. John addresses the excitement of relying on the Lord in a new way and how he views Paul as the vision of priestly life. The three discuss Acts XXIX and how paramount parish renewal is. 

Episode 28: Deacon Drew Mabee wears skate shoes and brings the fire of the Gospel 

Danielle and Fr. Steve have a lively conversation with Deacon Drew Mabee about skate shoes, motocross and going out into the world to unleash the Gospel. Deacon Drew reflects on docility to the Spirit and how his brother’s conversion helped him on the path to his own. He also discusses finding community and camaraderie with his housemates in college and how these experiences deepened his faith.

Season Four

Episode 36: Rahki McCormick, wife, mother of three and Iowa Hawkeye enters the Open Door 

A tale of conversion, discipleship, and motherhood, and a conversation on what mission means. Rahki shares the story of how she found Jesus and her powerful encounter with the Holy Spirit during her confirmation. The three also testify to how we can be reenergized in faith by witnessing others coming to Christ.

Episode 43: Open Door Policy unleashes Bishop-Elect Robert McClory 

Just before his episcopal ordination and his move to Gary, Indiana, Fr. Steve and Danielle welcome Bishop Robert McClory to the Open Door Studio. Bp. McClory reflects on the role of the Shrine of the Little Flower parish through his early years of faith formation and the sense of being fully committed to the faith. He shares his experience with being able to say “yes” in many little ways and, sometimes, in very big ways as well.

ODP is available for streaming on the Unleash the Gospel website, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Fireside, and Spotify.