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WHY | Hearing God

October 2, 2019

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As human beings, we want clear direction – whether a distinct and loud voice or something audible and tangible – we long for clarity. Often times, however, this is not realistic. God is often found in that quiet whisper. Fr. Mario Amore helps think about how we can hear God when we pray.


How do we hear God during our prayer? All of us, because we are human beings, we want to hear the voice of God, explicitly, loudly, and we want some kind of clear direction. For most of us, that almost never happens. And so I think about that quiet whisper where God is found. And that’s why it’s important that we are allowing that time for silence and listening. We shouldn’t be afraid of our imagination. Our mind can inform our prayer. So, if we take a piece of Scripture and we’re thinking about putting ourselves in the story with Christ and being present when he’s speaking his Word, we think about, and we imagine what that must’ve been like. And this is the presence of God. This is God speaking to us. We just have to trust that, although we are creative people, we’re not always making up what we think God is saying to us. That really is the voice of God. If God is making his presence know, we’re going to know it. If there’s a presence of peace in our soul, if there’s a presence of peace in our life, it’s the presence of God. And even, you know, in the turmoil of life, even in those hardships of life, God promises that he’s always with us.

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